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Mission Statement

College Mission:
Great Lakes Christian College, an institution of higher education affiliated with Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, seeks to glorify God by preparing students to be servant-leaders in the church and world.

Aim of Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletics:
Great Lakes Christian College Athletics exists to honor God by developing men and women of integrity, humility, and discipline through our unified pursuit of athletic excellence.

Outcomes of Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletics:
The natural byproduct of the Great Lakes Christian College intercollegiate athletic experience will be that the student athletes are:
- Willing to stand for Christ
- Prepared to serve with humility
- Groomed to lead with dignity
- Eager to pursue knowledge
- Ready to handle adversity

Commitment of Student-Athletes:
Great Lakes Christian College seeks to develop student-athletes who are committed to their relationship with Christ, the pursuit of a degree and the hard work of personal conditioning, skill development and a knowledge of game tactics in and out of season.