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Athletic Training

Current Athletic Trainer from Peak Performance PT: Dan Malcolm

Athletic Training & Services
Great Lakes Christian College athletic training provides services and support for each intercollegiate athletic team. The athletic trainer, with the support of the athletic department, provides comprehensive, high-quality medical services to each student-athlete. On-site medical services include, but are not limited to, prevention, recognition, evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries and illness, rehabilitation services, nutritional counseling, psychological counseling and drug education/counseling. The sports medicine staff is considered one of the best in Michigan. These physicians use a comprehensive referral source of other specialty-trained physicians, including dentists, neurologists, psychologists, podiatrists and many other specialties as needed.

The certified athletic trainer [ATC] is a highly educated and skilled professional specializing in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. In cooperation with physicians and other allied health personnel, the ATC functions as an integral member of the athletic healthcare team in secondary schools, colleges, universities, sports medicine clinics, professional sports programs, industrial settings and other healthcare environments.

Pre-Participation Examinations 
Before you will be allowed to participate in any team activities [e.g., practices, competitions, conditioning and/or weight training], you must be medically cleared and have the appropriate medical and insurance information paperwork on file in the sports medicine office. Great Lakes Christian College Department of Athletics requires all student-athletes wishing to compete on an intercollegiate sports team to obtain physical examination clearance from an appropriately qualified medical physician prior to reporting for their respective season. Proof of insurance is also required for all prospective student-athletes prior to participation in any team activity. If you have been diagnosed with and/or are being treated for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you are now required to fill out an ADHD medical exception form as well.

Health Insurance
All student-athletes must have personal health insurance. This insurance may be through a parent/guardian's plan or purchased through the college. 

The following forms must be filled out prior to participating in intercollegiate athletics at Great Lakes Christian College.
Physical Exam Form